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Payment & Insurance Information

You can pay for your services with a card when you book your appointment online or you can pay cash or check at the time of your appointment.  HSA's, FSA's & HRA's can be used to pay for massage (sometimes doula services too) My online booking service (FullSlate) accept cards from these accounts and I also gladly accept checks from these accounts.

Insurance for Massage (Classic or Maternity)
I am a WA state Licensed Massage Therapist and I am an "out of network" provider for massage.  You can contact your provider/employer to see what your coverage is for "out of network" massage services.  Coverage can be at 50% - 100% etc. or not at all.  Companies vary: I've seen things from 8 massages per year to 25 in or out of network. Sometimes you need a referral from your Dr. or Midwife.  Sometimes there's an out of pocket (OOP) amount they want you to pay first etc. If you have "out of network coverage," you pay me OOP and I provide you receipts/billing with all codes necessary for your reimbursement!  I look forward to healing time with you. 

Insurance for Doula Services needs to be checked on with your provider.  Some insurance companies (like Premera) will provide doula coverage/reimbursement when the doula carries a state license such as LMT (such as I do,) Midwife, Nurse etc. It also depends on the policy.

Thank you and please contact me if you feel you need assistance with insurance questions.  

I look forward to healing time with you!

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