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Gift Certificates & Packages

Printable e.Gift Certificates are available through the scheduler  (Please scroll down in the scheduling box to find packages & gift certificates.)  If you'd like a traditional decorative gift card, please contact me 206.948.2108 or e.mail to arrange.  These can be picked up or I'm happy to send direct to recipient or you.  Thank you.

Massage Packages are a way to commit to self care and harvesting the added benefits.  Packages are described below and can also be purchased through the scheduler or contact me to make other arrangements.  
All package pricing reflects in-office services.  In-home travel fees additional.

“Taking care of yourself is the most powerful way to begin to take care of others.”
~ Bryant McGill

Massage Value Packages = a year of wellness to count on
1 Massage / Month 
MVP's can be purchased as:
90 minute session: $1,800. or $150 monthly automatic billing subscription 
60 minute session: $1,200. or  $100 monthly automatic billing subscription

Benefits include:

  • 2 hours of additional massage time (can be added to services in 15 min. increments or as 1 service etc.) ($200 Value)
  • 1 thalassotherapy foot bath ($25 Value)
  • 1 skin brushing or salt bar massage enhancement ($15 Value)
  • 2, 30 min. gift cards($100 Value)
  • Total added value $340

​Massage Value Packages can be paid in full making all benefits available immediately or can be billed as a monthly subscription which can be canceled at any time.  Subscription benefits will accrue and become available in the following manner:  

  • 3 months / 30 min. massage time and 30 min. gift card
  • 6 months / 30 min. massage time and foot bath or skin brushing
  • 9 months / 30 min. massage time and 30min. gift card
  • 12 months / 30 min. massage time and foot bath or skin brushing

Massage 3 pack Plus $300 (saves $40)

  • 90 minute massage
  • 60 minute massage
  • 30 minute massage 
  • thalassotherapy foot bath*
  • skin brushing​*   
    * you can forgo the foot bath and skin brushing and choose one postpartum binding session - doesn't include binder. I can provide one for $65-100 or you can pick up your own. 
    I recommend adding the foot bath and skin brushing or binding to the 30 min. session.  Makes a wonderful hour!

Portal to Good Health $400 is for those who've not had massage in a while, have been sedentary, tense, recovering from illness or injury or simply need focused me time and want to dive in deeply but gently at first. (Saves $35)  (great childbirth preparation and or recovery too!) 

  • 60 minute massage - gentle myofascial stretching and breath work with light massage
  • 90 minute massage - allowing us to dive deeper with integrated techniques designed for you
  • 120 minute Holistic Spa Package of your choice:  Mother Love Boon, Welcome Home; A Mother Warming, Hawaiian Delight, Himalayan Nirvana Retreat, Pacific Northwest Coastal Cure, Love Your Legs  (includes a foot bath, skin brushing and specialized massage - talk to me about the different benefits of each if you don't know which you want by the name.  

Thanks for your trust in organic holistic body care for flowing, vibrant, prospering health. Naturally!

"The first wealth is health" ~ Ralph Waldo Emerson
Package pricing reflects in-office services.  In-home travel fees are additional.  

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