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Dancing For Birth™ classes and workshops are provided on four continents and were founded by Stephanie Larson, a birth doula, childbirth educator, dancer, perinatal fitness expert and mother of four.

Dancing For Birth(TM) is the trifecta for birth preparation: feel-good fitness, childbirth education and celebration all rolled into a weekly class that supports us preconception, pregnant and postpartum.
Classes empower women to be in their bodies through movement adapted from traditional world dance styles.  We connect within and articulate our body's language for birth including the top five movements that encourage safer, swifter, easier labor through every stage.  Dancing For Birth(TM) classes provide time tested and cutting edge childbirth education both informational and kinetic.  Join us! Enjoy a village of support, be fit, build rituals, embrace labor's rhythm and develop the ability to relax within.  Includes postpartum moms/dads dancing with baby in a wrap/carrier.  Every 6th class welcomes a birth partner to practice partner dances and comfort measure techniques.

Would you like embodied motion and somatic wisdom while you give birth?  Don't just hope for the birth you want, prepare for it!  And... add more joy to this precious time in your life...
 Please REGISTER HERE Class space is limited, registration assures your spot AND I am a birth doula. If a class is ever cancelled* due to the nature of that work, you will receive an e.mail notification.  Thank you.  *It's rare, but can happen.  
Fridays 12:30-1:30 Bodies for Birth in Phinney 6512 Phinney Ave. N 98103
Postpartum with baby in wrap/carrier*.  Moms, dads, preconception and pregnant also welcome to attend this class
*benefits to baby include core strength, balance and rhythm!
Fridays 6:00-7:30 Bodies For Birth in Phinney  6512 Phinney Ave. N  98103
Preconception, Pregnant, Postpartum welcome
Saturdays 4:00-5:30 Center for Birth in Eastlake 1500 Eastlake Ave. E  98102
Preconception, Pregnant, Postpartum welcome

Mention "intro offer" for one free class!

90 min. classes $195/6 class pass or $35 drop~in*
60 min. classes $115/6 class pass or $20 drop~in
*Why are these class rates a little bit higher than typical fitness classes?  Because they are a fusion of fitness and childbirth education.  Please inquire to learn more or use the "intro offer" above to experience it yourself.     

(Premera insurance holders and others: check with your policy provider, you may be able to receive reimbursement for prenatal/postnatal fitness classes!) 

Certified DFB Instructor: Libby Golden LMP, Doula has worked in the world of maternity care for 17 years 
"Return to the original strength, the natural movements of a woman's body" 
Isadora Duncan: Mother of Modern Dance

You will get the most from attending at least 6 classes, more are recommended.  You can begin classes at any stage of maternity from preconception to postpartum and at any time in a series.  If you want to know what class we're on at either location you can e.mail me or check the Facebook event for weekly classes  Drop-ins always welcome. Thank you
Every week includes our signature belly dance moves followed by one of the themes & focuses below:
Belly dance I "Coming Home" Meditations for pelvic embodiment, breathing, foot placement and pelvic assessment.  Fundamental moves, how to use them for healthy conception, pregnancy, labor and postpartum and we'll begin our 'Baby Welcoming Dance' which occurs weekly.  Throughout classes we practice mudras (yoga for our hands) acupressure and reflexology that enhance connection with our pelvic space, promote good sleep, digestion, build blood and more... all providing readiness and more ease for childbirth and postpartum recovery.  
Belly dance II "Deeper" into belly dance moves for pelvic / hip balance and tonality - ease that low back pain!  We'll check in with pelvic assessment and adjustments.  How and when to best use which dance moves for labor and postpartum wellness.  Staying connected with our instincts plus Rhombus of Michaelis and labor positions both ideal and corrective for difficult labor scenarios.
African dance "It Takes a Village!"  Gratitude and primal movement.  Draw on and add to the strength of our tribe for labor and postpartum time.  Blessings for the birth environment.  "Weaving Women", "Crowning" "Honoring the Mother" and other group dances.

Caribbean dance "Sensual Woman!" Think less, feel more... How to bring more ecstasy into our lives, the birth experience and motherhood.  Freestyle dance.  Labor practice management technique.  Abdominal and pelvic floor exercises.  Discussion about pelvic floor self-assessment and intraoral massage. 
Latin dance "Mambo Mama" ,"Cumbia" "Birthing Bachata" and more... Celebrate our abundance, nourishment.
  Postpartum wellness care.  'Closing the Bones'  (Latin American midwifery tradition) and other cultures traditions for postpartum support.
Partner class
(partner, doula or pregnant friend) welcome for free  
Top 5 labor techniques, partner dances, labor support comfort measures and partner positions, dancing your new baby to sleep and show off our baby welcoming dance! Thank you...

Classes open to all women: preconception to postpartum, baby wearing or without your babe/s.  If you have a toddler you want to bring, they're free to explore the room though you'll need to keep an eye on them.  Sometimes it's fun to let them be the dance move leaders.  Doulas, birth workers, and grandmoms welcome too!  (every 6th class in a series is partner class -  labor support person attends free)  We'd love to have you join our village of support.  
"Every time women gather in circles with each other, the world heals a little more."  Let's dance...
Benefits for mother and baby include: 
Increasing: energy, heart & circulatory health, placental health, relaxation, better sleep, coordination, balance and stamina for labor, pelvic floor and abdominal tone and health, aligning (and realigning postnatal) of joints and ligaments, the natural release of oxytocin and endorphins creating efficiency, ease, enjoyment and satisfaction with pregnancy/labor & birth, breast feeding success, mother/baby bond, connection with other women/mothers/babies, development of babies vestibular system when worn on mom after birth.  
Reducing: pregnancy complications; stress & tension, common pregnancy (and postpartum) aches and pains (neck/shoulders, lower back/pelvis, swollen legs/ankles, wrist pain,) gestational diabetes, heartburn & indigestion, pre & postnatal depression, anxiety, chances of interventions in labor, rates of Cesarian birth.  

Have questions? Email or call 206.948.2108

Want to round out your prenatal wellness with in-home yoga classes?  check out

The Loving Hands Art of Infant Massage
Private classes available see scheduler to register
You can attend classes postnatally with baby or begin prenatally to learn a routine so you can begin from birth with a very light touch, gently uncoiling their body.  You'll then go deeper as you're ready and it becomes a regular massage ritual from 1-6 months and beyond.  Class includes info. packet for take home study/reference.  Loving Hands books and organic seasonal massage oils also available to purchase at class $10-$21 (cash or check.) 
You'll learn:

  • a full body massage for baby
  • natural body and essential oils for baby
  • soothing environment and healthy caregiver body mechanics
  • acupressure and reflexology techniques to support wellness and promote good sleep

How to bring healing for infant woes such as:

  • colic and digestive issues
  • teething
  • coughs, ear infections, conjunctivitis
  • torticollis

At times, we sing songs coordinated with healthy brain development movement - sharing your favorites is encouraged!  Deepen your bond and communication with baby using pleasurable rhythmic, intelligent touch.  Parents and caregivers report feeling deeply calmed themselves by the ritual with more confidence in their ability to provide wellness care for their little ones.  Taking at least 3 classes is recommended and can be taken at your convenience though even one class will provide you with the knowledge to do a nourishing full body massage with your baby.  Please register to assure your spot. And, if you're curious about infant pottying, this is a great time to ask questions about it as we're observing baby closely and tuning into baby's signals.

Infant Pottying This practice deepens communication with baby and helps parents reduce their eco-footprint and save money by reducing diaper use!   Also called Elimination Communication, it builds trust and a solid communication foundation.  Another name for it is Natural Infant Hygiene and still it is wet and messy at times, but, so are diaper changes!  In fact cleaning up a potty poop vs. diaper poop is way nicer ;)  Be green, build trust & meet your baby's need to eliminate away from their body - naturally.   This practice does take focus early on and requires all care givers to be on board, but it eliminates the need for potty training later on which has been a dream for my family.  In this class, you'll learn the techniques and tips you'll need to get your family "going" from the beginning.

Baby Signing Basics Learn to sign along with your baby. It's simple, and the benefits are paramount in easing communication frustration. Build confidence for you and your child. Babies comprehend and want to communicate, they just can't verbalize words yet! Average starting age to work with your baby is 9 ~ 11 months based on motor skill coordination.

Living Cleaner in a Chemical Soup World 
(especially if you plan to or are growing a baby!)
Learn the top 5 things you can start doing now to clean up your home and body's environment.  Learn about some of the key offending chemicals, how to limit exposure and keep your body cleaning itself - naturally.  Ideal to begin preconception (preparing the soil in the garden bed) but anytime you want to clear the air and make a difference is the right time!

Cultured Foods for Vital Health 
Free Demonstration Classes at Golden Key urban farm - Sunday classes are periodic.
Building community and immunity...  

Learn the basics of natural pickling a.k.a "fermentation" and get cultured!  These foods are essential to human health and everyone should be eating them.  For those in their childbearing years, the best time to start is pre pregnancy but if you're not eating cultured foods, anytime is the right time to start.  We can discuss how to slowly incorporate them.  Samples and recipes provided.  Angle parking is plentiful across the street and the entrance around the side of the house to the backyard will be clearly marked. Thank you.

Demo/discussion is free.  Donations are accepted.
Roughly 1hr. followed by 30 min. Q&A.  
Kids welcome.  Supervised toddler play area.

Private classes $150* for 2 hours in your home for up to two people $20 pp additional after 2.  Contact me to arrange.  *plus cost of materials: groceries/jars if needed.  

Topics we can cover:
Shredded vegetable ferments, brined vegetables
condiments: ketchup, mustard, mayonnaise, salsa, hot sauce 
beverages: kvass (beet or bread kvass,) ginger bug soda, kombucha
dairy: yogurt, kefir
grains: sourdough, sprouted wheat flour
beans: proper soaking, souring after cooking for delicious dips
soured root vegetables - an excellent baby food! 
Don't see what your looking for, ask!

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