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As an LMP, doula and Dancing For Birth(TM) Instructor, I support holistic health through the childbearing year and support natural birth through movement, breathing, massage, acupressure, reflexology and mindfulness to honor your body and it's natural processes.  I can help you prepare for birth and/or be with you in birth  You can have an embodied pregnancy with an easier, safer, swifter even ecstatic labor and birth experience.  It's good to know what you want and the key is to have tools and resources to get you there!
Your pelvis is the doorway to birth, do you know how yours is working before you aim to use it?  Do you need rebalancing after birth?  Trained by The Institute for Birth Healing, I can assess and treat pelvic dysfunction, pain and stability issues through hands on techniques, energy work as well as Dancing For Birth(TM).  Women are natures chosen vessel and portal for new life.  I'll help you know your bones - the pelvic doorway your baby enters through! Pregnancy and childbirth are emotional and spiritual as much as physical.  Surrounding yourself with those who align with your birth principles and your need to "feel safe, private and unobserved"* in the birthing process will usher you a healthy and fulfilling birth experience regardless of where or how you give birth.  It is my extreme pleasure to support you through the pregnancy and/or labor process, be your witness and support as you open your mind, heart and body to usher your child forth into life on the outside.  I provide doula services for home births, birthing centers and hospitals.

I also provide guidance based on my research, trainings and personal experiences with eating a nutrient dense diet, eating cultured foods, using herbs and essential oils for a healthy pregnancy and baby.   I provide perinatal specialty spa services 'Mother Love Boon' (prenatal) and 'Welcome Home; A Mother Warming' (postnatal) which can include postpartum binding.  You can read about them on my massage services page.  I also provide support for Lotus birth care for the placenta.  
*quoting Dr. Sarah Buckley MD - Gentle Birth, Gentle Mothering

Exceptional wellness care through this period of life is essential!  An ounce of prevention/preparation is most worth a pound of cure during this precious time.  Maternity massage & doula support have been shown to:  

  • ​ease pregnancy/motherhood strains/stresses, increasing health and happiness
  • decrease mood disorders
  • shorten labor & shift perception from scared to sacred!
  • decrease likelihood of medical interventions and Cesarean section births and promote gentle Cesarean should the absolute need arise!
  • increase VBAC success
  • increase satisfaction with birth experience and motherhood
  • increase confidence in parenting and "mother's intuition"
  • higher breastfeeding rates
  • fewer infant illnesses and more...

Being pregnant and giving birth are times in a woman's life she will always remember.  This is also baby's first experience of life or baptism into our world.  In pregnancy, as baby's brain cells are forming and gathering, maternal well-being affects the pathways formed.  Reducing stress through pregnancy, protecting the birthing process and atmosphere has a positive effect on baby's developing nervous system.  Having a constant knowledgeable person present throughout pregnancy and birth who is outside of the traditional friends and family circle is a blessing and a boon.

It is wise to have support and outlets for stress such as:

  • Toning, relaxing & meditative routines like yoga and
    Dancing For Birth
    (TM) classes
  • Regular massage and doula support* for the childbearing year
    Massage Value Packages can be purchased and shared within a family unit.  

 Golden Key Labor/Birth Doula Services $1800 includes: (sliding scale available)
Additional $175 for LaBassine Professional Birth Pool - will set up and take down.

  • Initial meet & greet 
  • 2 prenatal appointments (2-3 hrs. ea) naming your birth principles/priorities and making our plans to welcome your baby.  Assessing and treating your pelvis (external) if necessary.  Processing fears moving from scared to sacred!  General information support.
  • Available for questions/support from the beginning of our contract and on-call 24 hours a day 2 weeks prior to the Estimated Due Date & 2 weeks after.
  • Presence for entirety of labor (as early as we determine you need) with movement support - body wisdom and doula comfort measures, aroma & herbal therapy, certified holistic labor massage and acupressure all helping you soften and open to the process finding your comforts and strengths.  I support and hold space for you as a neutral loving witness to your birth process and child's entrance.  I've got your back and make sure your needs and desires are met, respected and adhered to so you can let go and labor in love and trust!  I keep sacred space for the 'golden hour' and support your needs as you adjust to your new state during initial postpartum transitioning and breastfeeding until you are settled.
  • 1 home visit after birth (2-3 hrs) to reconnect about the event and share our perspectives. I can give mom a mini-massage (belly warming) and/or reflexology treatment.  I also provide support for breastfeeding and other newborn care needs.  
    A retainer of $800 secures my time around your EDD and opens our line of informational and emotional support.  The remainder can be paid at your convenience, but should be paid in-full 2 weeks prior to EDD.  Additional services such as massage and body treamtments, Dancing for Birth(TM) Infant Massage and other holistic parenting classes are paid separately and can be purchased individually or in a package. (10% off all individual services and classes for doula clients) 

 Golden Key Birth Doula Services $2200 
includes: everything above plus 4 bodywork/massage services 90min. each. (10% off any additional services/classes)

I look forward to keeping birth safe, loving and sacred for you and yours.  Thank you. 

Massage & doula services can be paid for with HSA, FSA & HRA accounts and/or massage can sometimes be reimbursed through your insurance provider.

Please contact me with inquiries/questions of how I can serve you throughout this sacred event.

Fluctuat Nec Mergitur
Tossed by the waves, she does not sink.
(in fact, she can surf them!)

The waves will not overpower you because they are you!

I also provide:

Holistic fertility preparation: Making a conscious choice to welcome your baby gives you opportunity to get to know yourself; your body, cycle, emotions, your spirit, your diet and set your soil to provide a fertile, happy, loving, vibrant uterine sea ~ your baby's first home. It's great to space clear before you bring baby in (though anytime is the right time if you're pregnant already :) Getting in touch with and tuning up your body through with fertility priming holistic massage treatments is a perfect way to open the door for a child and prepare yourself for motherhood/parenthood.

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