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Childbirth is the original sacred experience.  This rite of passage is a dance between mother and baby, the growth of a family and culminates in baby's first experience of life outside of mother.  It is a paramount human experience that allows us to harvest much love, strength, trust and more.  My doula training was completed in 2004 through the Simkin Center at Seattle Midwifery School as well as Dancing For Birth(TM) and other pleasurable birth trainings along with my first child's birth (at age 40.)  I believe birth is primal and intuitive and can include deep pleasure!  I encourage movement and imagery to keep mom connected to her whole self.  Good birth requires us to feel private, safe and unobserved.  I enjoy holding space for this intimacy in whichever environment birth is happening.  Every labor/birth is unique and it is my pleasure to be vigil so you can let go and labor in a state of love and trust to welcome your baby.  I also provide support for conscious birthing of the placenta including optimal cord care such as delayed clamping to non-severance for Lotus birth and it's various options (Please inquire if you'd like to learn more about Lotus Birth.)  Gentle cord detaching via sterile cord burning, placenta prints, dream catchers and planting ceremonies are also an option.  I do not do placenta encapsulation, but can give referrals and help manage its handling.  I provide doula services for home births, birthing centers and hospitals.  I also provide guidance based on my research and trainings with eating a nutrient dense diet, eating cultured pro-biotic foods for a healthy microbiome (that you will seed your baby with) and are vital to a healthy pregnancy and labor as well as using herbs and essential oils for a healthy pregnancy, birth and baby.  I provide massage and acupressure in labor and instruct mom in breast massage for healthy lactation from preconception to postpartum.  I support mom with acupressure and reflexology instruction throughout her pregnancy, labor and postpartum time.  I provide postpartum abdominal wrapping services with aromatherapy as well.  With 23+ years of experience as a massage therapist and as a Dancing For Birth Instructor, I guide mom's body into her best place for a healthy pregnancy, labor readiness and postpartum wellness.  I hold Dancing For Birth classes for those who are preconception to postpartum and their is no dance experience/skill needed!  
Exceptional wellness care through this period of life is essential!  An ounce of prevention and preparation is most worth a pound of cure during this formative and transformative time.    

Maternity massage & doula support have been shown to:  

  • ‚Äčease pregnancy/parethood strains/stresses, increasing health and happiness
  • decrease mood disorders
  • deepen connection within for trust in the labor process
  • shorten labor & shift perception from scared to sacred!
  • decrease likelihood of medical interventions and Cesarean births and promote gentle Cesarean birth should the absolute need arise - it is still vital to have doula support for Cesarean birth through to postpartum recovery
  • increase VBAC success!
  • increase satisfaction with birth experience and parenting
  • increase confidence in parenting and "mother's intuition"
  • higher breastfeeding rates
  • fewer infant illnesses and more...

Being pregnant and giving birth are times in a woman's life she will always remember.  This is also baby's first experience of life on the outside ~ baptism into our world.  How we enter this world matters!  Reducing stress through pregnancy, protecting the birthing process and atmosphere (no matter what the birthing circumstances are) has a positive effect on baby's developing nervous system.  Having a constant knowledgeable companion present throughout pregnancy and birth who is outside of your main medical care provider and your immediate friends and family circle is a blessing and a boon. It is wise to have support and outlets for stress such as:

  Sacred Portal Doula Services $2000 (payment plans and/or sliding scale available if this fee is out of reach for you and you absolutely want the services I provide) Cord art/Dream catchers have additional fees.  

  • Initial meet & greet
  • 1 Dancing For Birth(TM) class 
  • 2 prenatal appointments (2/3 hrs. ea) naming your birth principles/priorities and making our plans to welcome your baby.  Practicing labor positions and breathing techniques so you feel aware, skilled and ready.  Processing fears moving from scared to sacred! General natural birthing support.
  • Available for questions/emotional support by phone and e.mail from the beginning of our contract and on-call 24 hours a day 2 weeks prior to the Estimated Due Date & 2 weeks after.
  • Presence for entirety of labor (as early as we determine you need) with comfort measures such as TENS unit, movement and dance, labor massage, acupressure, reflexology, aromatherapy, imagery, music all helping you to soften and open to the process finding your strength and comforts.  I support and hold space for you as a neutral loving witness to your birth process and child's entrance.  Birth is primal and powerful and will take all of your focus.  I keep sacred space for the 'golden hour' after birth and support your needs to allow you to simply bond with your baby as you adjust to your new state during initial postpartum transitioning and breastfeeding until you are settled.  If you are doing any level of Lotus birth or placenta prints, I will stay a bit longer after birth to assist with the process.  If your birth plan changes, I can help you understand your options so you are sure you're making informed decisions and keep your birth principles a priority. 
  • 2 home visits after birth (2-3 hrs) #1 in the week or two following delivery to reconnect about the event and share our perspectives. Mom gets a belly warming abdominal massage and/or reflexology treatment.  I also provide support for breastfeeding and other newborn care needs.  Includes mother warming homemade rice or quinoa pudding!  Postpartum massages and abdominal binding services available.
    #2 is for the infant massage instruction listed below.  Can include infant pottying mentoring too.
  • DVD lending library available for 2 week check-out: Orgasmic Birth; the best-kept secret, Undisturbed Birth; the science and wisdom of natures hormonal blueprint for labor and birth, Happy Healthy Child documentary
  • 1 private class: infant massage or natural infant hygiene class and also includes Dancing For Birth(TM) techniques for postpartum wellness.
  • Back up doula in case of illness, injury or being occupied with another doula client (rare!)
    A retainer of $1000 secures my time around your EDD and opens our line of informational and emotional support.  The remainder can be paid in full or at your convenience, but should be paid in-full 2 weeks prior to EDD.  Additional services such as massage* and Dancing for Birth(TM) classes are paid separately. 

Sacred Portal Doula Services $2200 (Payment plans and/or sliding scale available if this fee is out of reach for you)
includes: everything above plus postpartum abdominal wrapping with therapeutic essential oils.  Fee doesn't include binder.

I look forward to keeping birth loving, positive and sacred for you and yours.  Thank you. 

Doula services can be paid for with HSA, FSA & HRA accounts and/or can sometimes be reimbursed through your insurance provider.

Please contact me with inquiries/questions of how I can serve you throughout this marvelous and awesome life event.

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